About Me

Hello Friends, I am Divyesh Rana from Halol, Gujarat. I am glad you came to my about page. I welcome with my whole heart. I am Network Engineer by profession and a Graduate in Computer Engineering.

I have worked as a Network Engineer for almost 3 years yet and now I am switching my career to an interesting career in Digital Marketing. I learn, Implement, and blog about different digital marketing concepts.

Also going to help Indian businesses to promote in the Indian market as well as internationally through Digital Marketing.

I come across Digital Marketing by watching my mentor Deepak kanakraju (digitaldeepak.com). I enroll in his free digital marketing training online course and I got to understand that I am actually interested in Digital Marketing. 

Started my journey of Digital Marketing by enrolling in an internship program developed by Deepak Kanakraju(Digital Deepak).

Stay Tuned, There is a lot to come.

Divyesh Rana