Step by Step guide to start a WordPress Blog

Before Starting creating a blog and posting on it you need to understand why you need a blog.

Before Starting anything your “WHY” should be clear, If it’s clear then your “HOW” will take care of itself. 

Is it necessary to create a personal blog rather than your company blog?

Why do people trust people who have built their personal brand?

Suppose you have built a personal brand around your niche Digital Marketing and you become a trustworthy person to lots of people. People like to read your blog posts. They follow your advice and gain results in their businesses.

Now it will be easy to acquire them and convert them into your paying customer. They developed the mindset by your valuable content.

They will be easily ready to pay you for your consultation, Mentorship, Training, Service, etc.

Now I believe that you got my point about why creating a personal brand is important. 

Let’s start the journey of creating your personal brand by Blogging.

In this article I will explain some important aspects: Growth Mindset, Lows of Marketing, Niche Selection, creating a WordPress Blog, and finally Content writing. Which will help you grow your blog as well as your personal brand and eventually grow your business.

To download step by step guide to create a WordPress blog please click on the link.

Download – How to Plan and Set Up a Blog with WordPress

Growth Mindset

You can not control your mind but you can develop a habit by which you can have a mindset as you wish.

I am talking about a growth mindset. Whether you are starting your new blog or a new job or new business your mindset can be the game changer X-factor about your activities.

You can develop a growth mindset by developing some habits like 

  • Always view challenges through an opportunity point of view.
  • If you fail in something learn from it and move on.
  • Stop seeking approval.
  • Enjoy and value the process over the result.
  • Celebrate success with others
  • Take criticism as suggestions for your growth.
  • Take calculated risks.
  • Take ownership. 
  • Adopt the mindset of an Entrepreneur.
  • Adopt successful people’s habits. 

Your growth mindset can change your life.


Marketing is an act of promoting and selling products or services including market research and advertising.

You should keep your eye on marketing techniques in trend and right now the trending marketing technique is through Digital marketing.

You can be an industry leader in your niche or create a sub-niche and become a leader in that sub-niche by providing value with good marketing techniques.

If you market well you can sell well.

So, Through your personal blog with a specific niche, you can give value in your content to your readers. Your personal brand can grow that way and once you get the trust factor you can market your product or service more effectively.. 

In Digital Marketing we can do marketing through Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Display Marketing, Content Marketing.

Niche Selection

Finding a Niche for which you are passionate as well as profitable is more important than having a passion for something which can not be monetized.

You can get an idea of a profitable niche by a technique. You need the combination of three major things Talent, Market, and Passion.

Passion:  Whatever you are doing you should be passionate about it. If you start a blog because there is a market demand for it and you are not passionate about it you can not go long way with that. 

At some point in time, you will get frustrated towards blogging because you are not passionate about it. And eventually, you will lose your business. So, passion must be thair whatever you are doing.

Market: You have to solve people’s problems with your blogs. You need to understand the market demand for your niche. If there is a demand then become a supplier and fulfill the need of the market you will make profits out of it and your business will grow with your passion.

Talent: Let’s assume you are passionate about something and there is also a demand for it in the market. But, you don’t have that level of talent on top of that you can create content and give value. 

There is a good thing about talent: You can acquire it. You can learn and get expertise in it and become talented.

Creating your Personal Blog

This is the main section where you will learn to create a WordPress blog. Below is the step by step guide to stat your WordPress blog.

First of all, on the basis of your profitable niche selection, you can follow the below steps to create a blog on WordPress

There is a little investment of approx 2000 rupees you have to make to get your blog up and running.

Step 1: Buy a Domain name from any domain registrar (,,, etc.)

Step 2: Buy hosting from a hosting provider (,, A2 hosting, etc.)

Step 3: If you bought a Domain name and hosting from different providers then you have to point your domain to your hosting provider’s nameserver. You just need to copy and paste nameservers given by your hosting provider company to your domain registrar. 


In My Case, I Bought a Domain name from GoDaddy and Hosting from Hostinger so I need to copy Hostinger’s Nameservers to my GoDaddy domain settings.

Sometimes to reflect the changes you made will take some hrs to 24 hrs and as and when the domain registrar updates their database of nameservers you are good to go with creating your WordPress blog or website.

Step 4: Get WordPress installed via your hosting provider’s website. You can find it in the auto-installer tab and you just need to find WordPress and select it. It will start Installing with a single click.

They will ask for some information like your domain name, Password you want to set. And your WordPress will get Installed. Just remember one thing: keep your domain with https:// Extension. Google will find your website as an untrusted website if your website doesn’t have SSL enabled.  

Step 5: Activate an SSL certificate for your website. If you get it for free with your hosting purchase you can enable it from there only. otherwise, you can use Cloudflare for a free SSL certificate and activate it on your website in WordPress.



Step 6: Go to the “Edit the website” section from hosting or just type\wp-admin you will find the login page of your WordPress admin. Log in with your credentials given when you installed WordPress.


Step 7: Get familiar with your WordPress


Step 8: Install basic plugins that you will require to manage your website from the backend.

You will need basic plugins to get started.

Akismet Anti-Spam – Protect your blog from spam.

Classic Editor – You can edit the look and feel of your blog

UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore -To backup and Restore your Website’s Data

Yoast SEO – All-in-One SEO solution for WordPress.

Site Kit by Google – to Manage google services like Google Search Console and Google Analytics

LiteSpeed Cache – High-performance page caching, site optimization.


Step 9: Connect your website with google search console and google analytics. Which will help you find out how your website or blog is performing on google search. You can get insightful information about your users.


Step 10: Adjust the theme as required and create your first blog post and publish it on your Blog.

The Next topic is all about how you write engaging content and how to grab the attention of your audience.

Content Writing

Content Writing is a skill that you must acquire and learn to create engaging and valuable content.

Content writing is a step by step process of planning, writing, and editing web content in such a way that you can grab the attention of your audience and you engage your audience in your blog.

Write as you talk. As in, you are in deep discussion of a specific topic with a specific person. Create a customer avatar and write your whole content putting that customer avatar in mind. It will create a personalized experience for a person who reads the article or blog post. 

Join a conversation. You can find out what questions occur in people’s minds. And when you understand their thinking you can join their conversation which is already in their mind and they will feel so familiar with it. It will help you craft your blog for your readers.

Know him or her very well. If you know him or her well you will easily understand what is in their head. With this you will join the conversation in his or her head. 


In conclusion, I want to tell you that creating a blog is not a difficult task. But the Important and difficult task is Content writing. You must write more engaging and valuable and in-depth content for your audience.

I know this skill will not develop overnight. You have to just write, write, and write till you get batter to it. 

You can become a successful blogger.

Hence I believe that I made a clear point that Content is the king.

Stop Stop Stop…. Just writing content is not enough, You have to market it.

For that please wait for the next blog post.

If you really want to learn about writing engaging and in-depth content please refer to this blog I have come across. I got so much learning from it.

Signing Off,

Divyesh Rana       



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